Where are you going?

We can help you get there.

Quo Vadimus Communications is about helping early-stage and mid-market healthcare companies get to where they want to go with their brand. In a socially wired and media-savvy world, businesses and consumers want information, advice and solutions to their problems, not slogans and marketing-speak. Quo Vadimus will help you tell your unique story, using techniques that resonate emotionally and rationally with your customers.

Healthcare is undergoing a revolution, with hundreds of new companies providing new solutions to problems of quality, safety and cost control. It is also an increasingly competitive space; thousands of new products and services are competing for the attention of a dwindling number of purchasing decision-makers. The need to develop clear, concise and powerful messaging that is precisely targeted at the right audiences has never been more important.

Companies waste tens of thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns that aren’t laser-focused on the right goals. Working with you, Quo Vadimus will determine the right strategies for communicating your message most effectively at the right price.

Clients include healthcare providers as well as companies in the patient safety, patient experience, clinical care and supply chain sectors.  

Services include strategic communications planning; producing white papers, case studies, research reports, newsletters and articles for publication; developing powerful website content; attracting appropriate news media coverage; and finding the sweet spot in social media.