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Informed by decades of media, health policy and marketing experience, Quo Vadimus helps your brand get where it needs to go.
Why Quo Vadimus
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Marketing communications

We help you craft your company’s message and value proposition, and create the most effective and efficient plan for telling your story to the market.

Public relations

Through a vast network of connections, we provide media outreach for coverage/article placement in the most strategic channels.

Research, writing, designing, editing

We produce the content – from research to publication – that most effectively showcases your solutions and thought leadership.

Speeches and presentations

From initial concept to polished presentation, we help you electrify your target audiences.

Website development

Your home page is your company’s front door, where many prospects encounter your products and services for the first time. We plan and execute websites of power and purpose.

Social media

We help you identify the channels that best fit your needs, establish your presence and monitor your reposts/tweets/clicks.

Why Quo Vadimus?


Because precision matters

In marketing and communications, success means having a clear vision of your story and delivering it to the right audiences at the right time. Too often, early-stage companies either do too little or waste precious resources on agencies that saddle them with expensive, unfocused marketing and public relations campaigns. We work with clients to precisely target their communications to reach decision makers at the right time.

Quo Vadimus is Latin for “Where are we going?” It’s something every business should continually ask itself. We help you answer that question and create messaging that helps you achieve the market position you deserve.

Because healthcare providers are hurting

Reimbursement cuts, new regulations and newly cost-conscious consumers are squeezing revenues. Systems face a difficult transition to value-based care and population health management. Retail clinics are upending the competitive landscape. The people who run America’s healthcare institutions need all the help they can get, and they are looking for ideas and solutions – not marketing slogans and superlatives – from the companies that serve them.

With our deep knowledge of healthcare, we help you deliver thought leadership and solutions-oriented content that resonates with decision-makers … minus the budget-breaking agency fees.


Because there is power in emotional content

Storytelling – using anecdotes and the voices of real people – is critical to gaining the ear of any audience. Who doesn’t want to read or hear about people like themselves? It turns out that what we instinctively understand is rooted in neuroscience, which has proven in the past few decades that the brain’s wiring emphatically relies on emotion over intellect in business decision-making.

With this understanding, Quo Vadimus applies the storytelling approach of journalism to business communications, using personal anecdotes and the voices of patients, clinicians and executives to help you establish an emotional and rational connection with your audience.

Where are we going? Let’s talk about it …

What they're saying

“Todd Sloane possesses that rare and important ability to communicate the phenomenal work healthcare professionals do every day and how those efforts improve patient experience and enhance the delivery of healthcare.”
Melvin Hall, former CEO and Chairman, Press Ganey Associates
“Todd Sloane has a terrific understanding of how the various moving parts of the healthcare system inter-relate and can tell that story succinctly in written communications. He’s a great resource for both small and large organizations.”
Alan Weinstein, Co-Founder, Premier Hospital Alliance
“Because Todd has a strong background in healthcare, he is able to understand complex nuances of provider challenges and connect our messaging with their needs. Todd is a partner who listens to clients and produces results.”
Jesse Ford, CEO, Salud Revenue Partners
Todd is THE consummate healthcare communicator, with a rich background in journalism prior to his current business. His knowledge and connections have helped his clients tell their stories in a powerful way to decision-makers in our industry.”
Brad W. Playford, Founder and CEO, AvaSure
“Todd is a consummate professional writer, editor and media relations expert. He has deep domain experience in healthcare and is an excellent researcher. He is a trusted senior advisor on business and media relations. Todd has produced consistently excellent work on many critical news stories and press releases across the globe for our firm. I would highly recommend him and look forward to our ongoing relationship.”
Adam A. Boris, CEO, ICNet Systems, Inc.